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w/ Pedigrees

Biewer Yorkie Registry in the U.S.

          The BYA will accept for Dual Registration documented, purebred, pedigreed Biewers, Biros and Yorkshire Terriers from approved registries  with an acceptable CERTIFIED Pedigree on a case-by-case basis.

         The BYA will NOT accept any Continential Kennel Club (*CKC), Champion Pet Registry (*CPR), Universal Kennel Club (*UKCI), AKC Biewer Terrier ... etc ..... for dual registration. 

BYA reserves the right to refuse any submission for registration without cause.

          The BYA will NOT accept any animal for dual registration which does not have a submitted, documented/certified, FULL 3 generation pedigree.  ALL Pedigrees MUST have names of Animal being submitted, 
Color/Pattern, Registration Number as well as their Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents. 
          ALL animals being submitted must have an approved Registration certificate from an approved registry.

                      The BYA reserves the right to refuse registration of any animal without cause.

       The BYA uses Microchips as a form of Permanent Identification of an individual given animal therefore ALL animals are required to be micro-chipped and the microchip number submitted for all animals requesting registration.

Dual Registration is $25.00 per dog.   

Payments are non-refundable.  

To Dual Register please submit:
       1.  The dog's Registration Certificate from an approved registry.  (*copy only - it will NOT be returned)
       2.  The dog's Certified Pedigree (*MUST include Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents). (*copy)
       3.  Be sure Your Name, address and phone number are on the paperwork (*can write it on top if necessary).
       4.  The dog's Nose and Eye Color must be written on the paperwork.
       5.  Number of Microchip inserted in animal requesting registration privileges.

       6.  Please handwrite in the Actual Birthdate of the Dog as Registries tend to differ in how they do them.

              (*I.E.  11/06/23  in One Registry this could be November 06, 23 and and another June 11, 23.)
       7.  $25.00 non-refundable payment 
       8.  Send to:
                 Biewer Yorkie Association
                 PO Box 360
‚Äč                 Fouke, AR. 71837